Writing and Editing Portfolio

The Client: Guthrie Kennard, Singer/Songwriter (Americana; Blues)
When: July 2012
The Project: Musician/Artist review
The Product: Guthrie Kennard: Deep Currents. Dusty Paths. Soulful Strums

The Client: Wyman Meinzer, Texas State Photographer
When: November 2012
The Project: Interview
The Product: Wyman Meinzer, Shooting It Straight

The Client: The Senior Voice
When: July 2012
The Work: Restaurant review
The Product: Online Article


The Client: The Senior Voice
When: March 2012
The Project: Travel segment
The Product: “Get Up And Grow!” Wildflower Celebration

The Client: The Senior Voice
When: September 2012
The Project: Musician/artist review
The Product: Christa Russell: Bending the Bar

The Client: Brandon Pertzborn, Drummer/Musician
When: May 2014
The Project: Bio/profile


The Client: Andra Dunn/Convertible Communications
When: June 2014
The Project: Bio/profile
The Product: Andra Dunn, profile 6-11-2014

The Client: W. Jaworski, Executive Summary
When: June 2015
The Project: Executive Summary Editing
The Product: Crescendo 3 edits

Writing, like many endeavors, often starts with an observation. It may be more lyrical in nature ― capturing and poetically preserving images of late spring waves of grasses rising above the wildflowers, ​as they solemnly begin their nod to the ground. Our words call upon us to harness and retain these often fleeting images and urge us to effectively communicate and share our view of life.

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