“My client needed a tri-fold brochure to showcase his family owned medical staffing business.  The small amount of copy he provided was overflowing with descriptive words—an attempt to communicate the heart and soul of his business, but completely lacking in content and poorly written.  Under a tight deadline, I contacted Linda.  Wow!  Linda is more than an excellent wordsmith.  She has an amazing gift of discernment that enables her to see beyond the “who, where, how, why and what” and capture the true essence of an organization.  She hit the ball out of the park and my client was thrilled with the end result.  I will definitely work with Linda again!”

Kellie Miller Owner/President
Proforma Promotions Group
Abilene, Texas

“I have always considered myself a fairly eloquent writer, and as the proud owner of my own business, I engaged Linda’s services in rewriting the website content. Having personally spent months developing the concept, I was amazed that Linda’s writing ability appeared to demonstrate that she knew my business better than I ever did. For anyone in need of such services, she is considerably worth the investment.”
Daniel Bradburry
Freelance Web Developer
McKinney, Texas

“Linda is one writer who will take you on a journey, leaving no stone unturned in reaching your destination. By blending her style into the eloquence found within the written language, Linda’s words paint a visual narrative for the passenger joining along the way. This is a gift few writers can effectively achieve.”
Guthrie Kennard
Coppell, Texas

“My visit with Linda Shelar was perhaps one of the most engaging and interesting interviews that I have ever experienced in recent memory. Unlike some writers, Linda crafted her questions in a style that basically led to my telling a story; a method that most people find enjoyable and personally, I truly love to do. To conduct an interview in a manner that is not intrusive but instead engaging and delightful, is truly an art form and Linda has mastered this technique quite successfully. It is rare for me to say I would do it again, but if she asked for another hour of conversation I would say without hesitation, ‘Come on in!!’”
Wyman Meinzer
Texas State Photographer
Benjamin, Texas

“I have worked with Linda over the past 5-6 years. Her writing always captures everything I need to express, but could never put into words. Quite simply, she is a fantastic and creative writer who can come up with just the right terms, phrases and descriptions to relay what needs to be said. Her knowledge of the English language is unsurpassed. Her flair for descriptive writing is first rate and I would highly recommend her for any journalism or copy projects.”
Dot Walker
Walker Events & Marketing
Dallas, Texas

“While I am passionate, committed and emotionally connected to my craft, I lack the eloquence and command of the language to try to write about it. I am elated to have Linda Shelar available to work on my website content. She “gets me,” and now others will too. It’s like having a sister around to look at your homework before you turn it in, with a guarantee of getting an A+… and it’s not even cheating!!”
Carol Southern
Owner, Oak St. Pie & Candy Co.
Roanoke, Texas

“Being a graphic designer, I can visualize and conceptualize easily… BUT when it comes to writing, I usually stare blankly at my screen. I’ll take a “picture” saying  “a thousand words” any day. When I need copy written, I know I can turn to Linda to get the job done…and done right!”
Bill Pike
William Pike Design
Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

“Linda – Thank you for helping us through this process. I appreciate all your expertise in helping us with the web content, brochure and business card! I do believe we will receive a lot of positive feedback. Thank you for all of your hard work, and most of all, caring about how it all came out! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Nancy Treadwell
Doctors Resource Strategy Group
Argyle, Texas

“After attempting to write a project bio, I contacted Linda and am so glad I did! She took the pressure off me and edited my project into a beautifully written account. I was particularly impressed with her ability to creatively structure the limited content I gave her while being under a tight deadline. Linda’s enthusiasm is contagious and her quality of work is exceptional!”
Cindy Pertzborn
Grapevine, Texas


“I have had the opportunity to work with Linda on multiple projects and have found her to be an exceptional writer. She has the ability to craft content that is direct and highly optimized for search. She leaves out the fluff and nonsense, and presents information in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

I appreciate that she takes the time to get to know the subject matter she is writing about and the audience she is writing for, as it makes the final product first-rate. She is meticulous about grammar and the finer details of writing that have been lost in our world of texting, so you can rest assured that your final copy is error-free. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Linda and I highly recommend her services.”
Andra Dunn
Integrated Digital Marketing and Branding Strategist


“After being in the Chimney Sweep business for 36 years, creating a new website was an overwhelming task and frankly, not happening for us. I thought about it weekly, but could never get what I wanted off the ground. I finally bit the bullet and thought I would hire someone – but WHO??

Linda was able to get me organized, construct the wording so it made sense, and pull our website message together in a cohesive fashion. We now have a wonderful and informative website. I couldn’t be happier with Linda’s writing and the way it all came together. I would recommend Linda in a heartbeat. She has a style of writing that can even make ‘chimney sweeping’ something interesting to read about! She’s now working on our tri-fold brochure!

Linda also worked with us on creating our new Ace of Sweeps logo, which is a very good idea if you haven’t done that lately! An updated logo can give your business a fresh new look!”
Deby Calvert
Ace of Sweeps
Fort Worth, TX.


“I recently contacted Linda Shelar with Supposably Irregardless to help me with some changes I wanted to make to my LinkedIn summary and profile. She was able to take all of the ideas that were swirling around in my head and craft them in the exact way that I would like to present myself to my clients. Her writing is superb and compelling, and I look forward to working with her on future projects.”
Jamie Galloivich
Bright Travel Vacations
Ft. Worth, TX.


“Linda has an amazing talent to take a few phrases that you give her about your business and make the words come to life on your new website. Additionally, she was very familiar with what needed to be included on the home page and gave great advice when it came time to actually set up the content on the website. I was thoroughly delighted with the finished product. She is extremely professional and easy to work with, and I would highly recommend if you want your website to have a professional look!”
Lisa Harrow
ASAP Pro Notary Services
Southlake, Texas


“Thanks very much for all the edits you made. I really like how you simplified and revised the text. It reads so much better now. If I have any further needs, I’ll reach out to you.”
William Jaworski
Brussels, Belgium


“We needed help with our logo, tagline, and a revamp of our old website.  Linda stepped in with innovation, proactivity, resourcefulness, and finesse.  I didn’t know what it was going to be like to have someone coming up with ideas to express how different we are from our competitors.  Linda did great, and it was refreshing to have her support on this project.  She spent time talking with us and feeling out exactly what we wanted for the logo and webpage.   And we have a great product to show for it.  Definitely worth the cost.  We’re so grateful.  Thank you, Linda!”
Dr. Derek Lang
Lang Family Medicine


“When I need something written, Linda has proven to be a dependable content writer-and she does her work with timely eloquence. When I’ve needed her to proof an important document or to convey an idea that I have in a beautiful way (but not fluffy), she has consistently come through in record time! It always amazes me that she can turn my gobbledygook into the ideal message that conveys our mission so well. Linda goes above and beyond in each piece she writes so that our company mission reads strong and clear in every piece of new copy.”
Ashley Alipoon, Marketing Team
Civitas Senior Living
Fort Worth, Texas