What’s the Process?

When it comes to web content and the ways in which we’re found, things are ever-evolving. Not only are there new methods and upgrades required for search engine optimization, but things about your business have changed over time. Ask yourself–does my current web content reflect the product and service offerings of my company, OR have things become stale and outdated? Any of these concerns warrants revisiting your web content and potentially making the necessary changes to progressively take your business to new heights.

At SUPPOSABLY IRREGARDLESS, the process begins by learning about your business. By talking with you, we’ll review your current offerings along with future goals and objectives. We’ll create a small business branding strategy to help in connecting consumers with your company and will work toward the goal of developing a strong and healthy brand identity.

Following the research process, we’ll begin crafting the web content that will elevate you to the new standards for search engine optimization. In the branding process, we will create original logos and taglines (if needed), as part of your online branding presence. We will ensure that everything reinforces what you want customers to know about your business.

  • Content projects are based at a rate of $75. an hour. Time involved in web content projects includes: research time, content creation and editing services.
  • Tagline development and logo creation are based on flat fee rates, which can be discussed prior to the initiation of the project.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss your project and the ways in which we can work together to boost your web presence and grow your business!