About Us

You may wonder about our name. Supposably and irregardless are only a couple of the many “non-words” we hear on a frighteningly regular basis. While we find these grammatical faux pas endlessly entertaining and company name-worthy, we are on a mission to eradicate these words and other similar written bloopers from business messaging altogether.

In a world where the written word has become diluted to a series of chat acronyms and abbreviations including, but not limited to LOL, BRB, TTYL and GTG, we continually SOH (shake our heads) at the lack of quality in business communications. Supposably and irregardless of our name, we’re here to author sensible writing in a nonsensical world. These words make no sense and neither will convoluted messaging when it comes to letting people know who you are and what you do.

With the limited amount of time visitors spend on a website, it’s crucial to deliver messaging that immediately connects with your audience and resonates with your market. Crafting copy that contains the optimized search terms necessary for finding you on the web is what we do. Our goal is to develop content that engages your audience with interest and relevance. We deliver your message with precision, and infuse your content with purpose and appeal. We are committed to making certain the words chosen to reflect your business objectives are absolute in message and clear in delivery.

Linda Shelar, Writer / Editor

profile 5Texas native and word enthusiast Linda Shelar, has always had a passion for writing and creating. Linda’s educational background and studies in journalism/advertising and marketing coupled with her work as a freelance writer on numerous projects, place her as the ideal source for creating the right message. Whether the project calls for straightforward styling of marketing material or takes us on a soulful journey to unexpected places, Linda’s compositions ignite interest and deliver results.